Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Woven Flower Pot- Part 2

Today I finished my woven pot project. I haven't done much weaving but it was kind of relaxing once I got into a groove. (It was the perfect TV watching project).

To recap, I started with a pot that I painted a creamy yellow. Then I used an all purpose craft glue to attach some of my favorite ribbons onto the bottom of the pot.

My first idea was to weave wide ribbon around the pot too- but soon realized I couldn't get the ribbon to lay flat on the tapered shape of the pot.

After experimenting with a few different ribbons and strings I settled on using jute. Which turns out made this look so much more like a basket (which is what I wanted) than my original idea.

I continued weaving the jute over and under the ribbon, pulling it tight and adding a tiny dot of hot glue every so often.

Marking my starting point ribbon by putting a small arrow on the bottom of the pot helped me keep track of each round. (So glad I did that!)

I only glued the jute down when I was going under a ribbon, never over, and I tried to keep the glue off the ribbon so I could pull it left and right to straighten it as I wove.

I also kept turing the glue gun on and off so the glue was warm instead of hot. There were two advantages to that:

1. The glue was easier to control- I only used the tiniest possible dot of glue (about the size of a round plastic head on a pin). To do that the glue can't be so warm that it oozes out of the gun like hot glue usually does.

And 2. No hot glue burns- not even one!

So I wove,

and wove... and wove some more.

But when I was done- the clay pot was totally transformed.

I'm pleased with the way it ended up and with some more experimenting I think I could get a bunch of different results using the same basic idea.


  1. Very creative. I love the result!

  2. Wow, that looks totally different that I expected.. I really like it,, the jute gives it an earthy look but the ribbon gives it pizazz!!!
    I think you have given us lots of ideas.. Thanks,

  3. Very cool! I've featured this on the Dabbled Facebook group today..

    Love how springy it is!


  4. Thanks Ladies, I really appreciate the comments.
    Maggey I'd love to see what you come up with.
    Dot thanks for featuring this!

  5. Great idea Meg! I really like how it looks!

  6. Holy Moly, this is gorgeous! I'm stumbling all over myself running over to share this link on Twitter.

    Bravo - a truly lovely off-loom weaving project!

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

  8. Just stunning! This is definitely going to be on my "to do" list, and soon! Beautiful!!

  9. I think I may attach the ribbon by tying the ribbon to a big washer and threading them out the bottom...of course water can get around them but will have to deal with water on the bottom anyway so maybe use ribbon that won't breakdown too fast...just a thought?

    1. The washer ideas sounds really interesting- please let me know how it works out!

  10. There are times I've gone and gotten samples (not remnants, just say, "Can I get a piece of this?") of upholstery fabrics. They are usually scrappy long bits and would be ideal for this. Really like how it looks which is not the case with most crafted flowerpots. Really like it.

  11. Magnifique travail très spécial et créative merci beaucoup


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