Thursday, March 25, 2010

Egg-cellent Things

I found these bright teal eggs in the craft stored.

They are made from the same foam type material that all the faux
pumpkins you can get every fall.

I see a ton of possibilities with these... but I'm only working on one of
them right now. It started by giving them a wash of cream colored
paint to dull down the bright color a little. (It's subtle in the picture
but the one on the left is white washed. In real life it's a
dramatic difference.)

I can't wait to show you what I have in mind... it might be done

I also picked up this egg pump.

The pysanky teacher recommended. And at only $8 dollars I was more
than willing to pick one up. You can empty out (and rinse) the egg all
while making only one hole in the egg.

I can't wait to try it! (I've never actually blown eggs before- the idea of
putting my mouth on them and trying to blow them out always
seemed so gross). I'll let you know how it works.


  1. I've used the Blas-Fix and am running about 50% success rate. Maybe with more practice I can stop blowing the egg up. :)

  2. Good to know! I can't wait to try it... but maybe I should do it outside. Blown up instead of blown out egg sounds messy. : )

    The teacher in the pysanky class said that you had to look for eggs that were a uniform white. No gray areas, as that indicates a weak spot in the shell. Maybe that could be a factor. I'll let you know how mine go.


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