Monday, January 11, 2010

Still Cleaning.

OK so I know this might not be the most interesting post but the craft studio clean-up continues and I have to say this sight makes me giddy.

My amazing husband brought these drawers home and rescued an otherwise hopeless storage situation. By moving all my paper out from under the cabinets I have gained tons of new storage space. He also modified the drawers- they should have plastic tabs that keep them from sliding all the way out. By clipping those tabs off I can now grab a drawer and rummage through it for the paper I want at the counter. (He knows me so well.)

Now I have all my full sheets of paper separated by color, type of pattern (floral or geometric) and holiday/seasonal or metallic. I also have all my scrap paper separated and organized the same way.

Seriously I think I dreamt about these drawers last night. It had something to do with me, a paper store, all the paper organized by shades of color in these shelves, and a rolling library latter because they were stacked as high as you could see. (No I'm not a paper addict- I prefer the term aficionado).

I also cleaned under the dreaded island counter. Much neater now.

You'll notice I haven't posted a picture of the entire studio yet. That's because seriously, even after all this cleaning the rest of the place is still a total disaster. My husband says I've done the "hard 80%" and although it still looks messy what's left is the easy stuff... but I'm not sure he's taken a good look in every corner.

In between all this cleaning I did manage to play with a little glitter this weekend.

I'll have a glitter project to post later this week.


  1. Wow! Your cleanup and reorganize is going so much quicker than mine! Want to come over and help me? :)

  2. Love too it's just a quick flight, LOL! I think you're doing more of an redo/reorganization than I am. I didn't repaint : )

  3. Thanks for visiting mysweetharper blog Meg! Thanks also for letting me know about your workspace pictures. The little paper labels on the front of the drawers-brilliant! I would love to feature you on Weekly Workspace on 1/31 if you're interested. Super easy on your part, I'll just e-mail you a few q's to fill out and I can use the pics on your blog, or you can send me some different ones-it's up to you. Let me know!



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