Tuesday, January 19, 2010

E-book Giveaway- Diane Gilleland's (from CraftyPod) Making a Great Blog!

It's day 3 in my week of giveaways. One of my goals this week was to share things that meant a lot to me over this first year of blogging. When I took a look back one thing definitely stood out- all the wonderful advise I've been able to find around the blogosphere.

In Monday's Sharpie giveaway I hinted that I would have something from Diane Gilleland of CraftyPod to giveaway. If you don't know CraftyPod, Diane's blog posts and podcasts are always chock full of ideas, interesting crafts, and invaluable information for bloggers and crafty businesses alike.

Today I'm giving away this e-book! (Which when I asked Diane about buying another copy for this giveaway- she was generous enough to donate, Thank you Diane).

This book was such a help to me in this new blogging adventure I felt I had to pass it along to another crafty blogger. And let me tell you- Diane really knows her stuff!

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to focus their blog more and really find " it's voice". It covers all the basics you might have questions about as a beginner but also provides great information to someone who's been blogging for a while. It was an amazing eye opener for me, I hope the lucky winner finds it's just as inspirational!

To Enter: All you have to do is leave me a comment and if you want to, tell me one of your blog goals for this year.

This giveaway is open to international entries. The contest ends Tuesday January 19th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

The winner will be picked using a random number generator- I'll announce who won Wednesday afternoon (January 20th). The winner will be emailed a copy of this book from Diane.

Good Luck and Thanks For Entering! (And here's a hint for tomorrow- I'll be giving away something super crafty for a Lovely holiday)

Update: The winner of yesterday's Sharpie giveaway was The Lil Missus! Congratulations!!! Please email me your address and I'll sent you your new pack of sharpies. I just want to thank everyone who entered yesterday- I was overwhelmed by the response! I really appreciate all the comments, new followers and the posts about this giveaway. Thank you for making Monday my best blogging day ever- you all put a huge smile on my face!


  1. I would love to win this giveaway-- I want to Win My Year of gifts in blog giveaways so that I can take a vacation with Hubby with the gift fund that we are contributing to each month...I want to try out new recipes with my food blog and for Getting all my Ducks in a Row -- which I started so that I could participate more in the blogosphere -- I want to get more organized so that I don't get so overwhelmed and backed up with reviews/giveaway's...Not to much to ask right?

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

    mellisarock at yahoo dot com

  2. Meg congratulations. Already have the book, so no need to put my name into your giveaway hat, but wanted to wish you all the best at your milestone. Your blog is great and I'll be stopping by again!
    Kathleen from class

  3. YAY! I would absolutely love a copy! Congrats on this week and all of the new traffic! Super fun!

  4. Congratulations on your blogaversary.

    My blog hits swing wildly and I think I'm wearing too many hats: mixed media artist, crafter, vegan, homeschooler etc. One of my blog goals is to either separate those topics into new blogs or strike a better balance for my readers.

  5. Oh yeah! Well, my blog goals for this year in fact are pretty simple: I want to take some time everyday to post! Thank you!

  6. There are many things I would like to do with my blog this year. One is to make it a little more user friendly & to figure out how to make it 3 columns instead of two! Still working on that one!

    Great giveaway!

  7. this looks great! i started my blog back in may of 2009 - and am still trying to decide exactly what i want to write about.

    (do i need to choose one subject and stick to it? can i write about art AND life AND photography AND creativity? does having such an ecclectic subject range drive readers away?)

    i hope to have this figured out by the end of the year.

  8. I absolutely love love love Diane! Her mom is a HOOT too!

    My goal for this year is to keep it simple and not over commit. Which might be a tad hard but that's why it's a goal right!

    HUGS and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  9. I found you via Diane's tweet about your giveaway of this book, and I'm so glad I did, you have a great blog! I would love a chance to win a copy of her book.

  10. Hi, what a neat giveaway. I'm glad this is going well for you! Come and visit me tomorrow. I'm going to attempt to explain a little progressive alphabe-Thursday giveaway I want to try.

  11. Wow! I have never had an e-book, I am hoping that today is my lucky day!!

    I started my blog in June of 2009 because my niece said that I did lots of neat stuff plus I love to take pictures and I should blog about it ...so my goal is to learn more about how to display photos in different formats and take better pictures to post on my blog!

    I think this is such a wonderful way to " learn something new each day" and that is my primary goal for my blog!

  12. Blog goal: To finally get back into posting (my blog has languished for the last six months) and finish my redesign to make it more "me" and more social media friendly!

  13. Happy Blogiversary! My overarching goal for my blog (www.woolshappenin.com) this year is to make it a part of my daily life. Because of many reasons, I've never really gotten into the swing of blogging. I'm very much enjoying taking time to focus on blogging.

  14. one of my goals is to do a craft and a craft post once a month AT LEAST. :) So thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Thanks for all the great comments- It was wonderful to hear your goals for blogging.

    Congratulations Jill- you won the E-book!


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