Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Worst Cake Ever

I decided to try a low cal recipe for banana walnut muffins. For some reason (that made sense at the time) I also decided to double the recipe and make it into a bread or cake. At the moment the logic in this escapes me but really I know somewhere in this plan there was some reason that made sense.

While adding the ingredients I noticed there seemed to be mammoth amounts of things like flour, buttermilk and eggs. Since I was doubling the recipe I even cut back on some flour and leavening but still there seemed like a lot. And it was giving me an uneasy feeling.

I started the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl but soon I had to switch to the mixer because no bowl was going to be big enough.

My husband (perhaps seeing where this was going) kept chuckling at the "amount" of cake we were going to have. And I admit it probably took a small army of chickens and a cow or two an entire week to produce the amount of eggs and buttermilk I was using.

Finally all mixed- the doomed cake went into the oven. It looked really good at this point but still I had a nagging feeling that this would not turn out well.

Soon the batter rose way up over the sides of the pan- living up to it's monster cake status.

After 45 minutes I hoisted it from the oven (practically needing a small crane to get it out it was so "dense") I let it cool a bit and cut off the parts that rose out of the pan so it could be turned out onto a plate.

Turned out and still cooling the cake looked really pretty-

that is until I tasted the bits I'd cut off. Yuck! All I could taste was flour- no cinnamon, no banana, no vanilla, just flour and once in a while a bit of walnut. Now I've made plenty of other banana breads- I know those ingredients have strong tastes but this cake just seemed to suck them all up into a bland flour tasting black hole.

But my husband assured me he liked it- and what's more wanted to eat it (yuck). I have a few theories about this:
  1. He was being nice
  2. He didn't want to waste that much cake
  3. Apparently I could cook him anything because he has no working taste buds.
Since there was no way I was eating this cake, no way I was serving it to other people and really no way he was eating a huge cake by himself I cut 3/4 of the cake into slices and froze them so my husband can eat a few slices at a time whenever he wants (If they sit in the freezer I'll know it was reason number 1 and I'll slowly get rid of it so he doesn't start eating it again to prevent reason 2.)

I took the 1/4 I left out and did the last step in the recipe which was to drizzle it with a tiny bit of chocolate, just enough to have a chocolate taste but not enough to pack on the calories.

Incidentally, figuring that nothing with chocolate drizzled on it could remain bad I tried the cake again... this cake is the one exception to that rule. It was bad.


  1. Oh no! I'm famous for leaving out things like baking soda and baking powder... I guess that my baking skills aren't up to much. Your cake pan is so pretty though! :)

  2. I love the pan- I got it as a gift. Unfortunately the first time it was used was for this inedible cake.


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