Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

We've had what seems like a zillion days of rain in a row... and everyone just seems so "blah" about it (including Lucy who has taken up residence on the couch in front of the window). I've gotten almost nothing done around the house. (I thought it was supposed to be the nice weather that made you want to neglect the inside tasks.) And what's worse- I don't think I could tell you much of what I've done for the past week. It seems like just yesterday I did that last post about the garden. I haven't been doing any crafting, and I can tell you for a fact that my house isn't any cleaner. I really have no idea what I've been up to.

Between storms I did get a few pictures of some flowers just after the rain. It was pretty with all the puddles rain drops everywhere, it's just enough already.

Today was the first day since my last post that it hasn't been raining. I've checked on the garden a few times during all the showers and nothing was happening. Today when I got home I went out to check on it and I swear everything must have grown an inch or two while I was at work (including the weeds). I think everyone's been starved for the sun. It was nice to have it back- even if it was only for half the day.

To be fair- when the rain started I was actually pretty happy because I had new rain boots. But a week of wearing them walking to and from work was enough Novelty over. I hope the sun sticks around for a while.


  1. Wow - here it is blistering hot! I'd love a little rain. My attitude is the same as your though - I've gotten NOTHING done at home the past week or so. I've hardly been crating either - can't quite find my mojo! I love the photo of the puppy though - so sweet! That's Lucy, right? Bella and Lucy would be best friends!

  2. Yeah thats Lucy- Bella and Lucy would get along famously! The rain was back at it again today, I'd love to trade you a bit of summer weather for a few showers.


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