Monday, April 6, 2009

Yesterday's Make Something Cool Every Day- Cupcake Bookmark

So yesterday got away from me... after that Pysanky workshop on Saturday, that meant Sunday was filled with errands and house chores. I managed to make a little something, but didn't get to post about it. I think I'll also do a post later tonight with today's MSCE.

I told you that the cupcake paper punch would be back! I was so enamored with this after the first project, that I've been punching out paper cupcakes with no apparent purpose ever since.


So out of my new cupcake stash came a little idea. I knew I wanted to make something with these cute little cakes that had a clear background and double sided cupcakes. I tried the idea of a wine charm... but didn't like how it looked. It was too light, since this was only plastic and paper, but also a bit bulky for a charm.

This was before I cut the charms out.

Then I thought I'd try a greeting card with a clear window (I still might), but then I remembered that I had been looking for a cute bookmark while on vacation and didn't find anything. So a bookmark it is!

I've gone past just punching out the cakes with patterned and solid papers, to embellishing them. I loved the look chocolate colored paper with these tiny little pink dots glued on it looks so yummy last night (and with us being down to the last Girl Scout Cookie!) I was wishing it was a real.

I wasn't crazy about the green bottom or the brown colored pencil lines I added.

When I tried yellow on bottom it worked , I also decided to use an embossing tool to create a few lines and it worked much better I think.

Yesterday there was something about using solid paper tops that really got to me. I could decorate them and found I really liked using more realistic "frosting" colors. (Last time I was all about the patterned paper for the "frosting".) So I punched out a white top (Which I'd never done before) and added some sharpie sprinkles. Cute!

For the last one I used ridged paper, glitter, and a silver marker to make lines on the bottom.

Then stuck them between two sheets of contact paper.

If I were to do this again I'd use the laminator, the contact paper was a bit too bendy. It immediately warped into a crinkly shape and really needed something to reinforce it. Plus after punching out a zillion or so paper cupcakes I had tons of tiny pieces of paper everywhere which seemed to be magnetically drawn to the sticky contact paper.

To reinforce the edges and visually give this a solid ending point I cut a bookmark out of card stock and made a window in it.

I glued it together to create a pocket for the plastic part. (I used this tacky glue pen I just got... it was very easy to control when doing fine glueing. Although it was little hard on the hands- all that squeezing for just a little glue. I might stick to a tooth pick to be honest.)

And added a grommet and tassel out of yarn. Yay a new fun bookmark!

It's still a bit wobbly but I figure being stuck between the pages of a book will help to flatten it out (LOL).

Also be forewarned I used really none of my new cupcake stash, so you will certainly see at least one more cupcake project!


  1. Well I loved the cupcake punch before, and now I love it even more! *adds to shopping list for next Michael's adventure*

  2. The cupcake bookmark are so special!!! What a great idea!!! Looking forward to more cupcake projects of yours :)


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