Monday, March 30, 2009


Well it's been kinda quiet here on the blog front for a few days- thats because we're in Nashville! I've never been here before- or actually to Tennessee at all, 

but hubby was coming here for a conference and I decided to tag along. Boy am I glad I did- it's been great here! The first full day we were here (Saturday) it was 75 out and sunny! Being from the Northeast I was beside myself at the site of green, and flowers. And giddy with delight about not needing any sort of jacket what-so-ever!

Did a bit of knitting on the plane- 

Yup more bunnies (read more about the bunnies here, here, and here). I really have to finish knitting them all up so I can felt and finish them before Easter. (I thought I had all this time on my hands because I started them early and here I am on the brink of April! I think it's going to come down to the wire.)

We are staying at an amazing hotel- but if you ask me everything from the parking (yes they charge you to park here even if you are staying here- $18 a day) to the all of the food is really, really overpriced ($7 for a slice of cake) - but I will give them this- The atriums are AMAZING. It's like being transported to another country. Hubbies conference is here so it's convenient and really gorgeous. 

I can't believe how huge the atriums are- you could fit several full sized houses into each one. See-

 This is a gardener's paradise- all real plants- all perfectly manicured- all just unbelievable.

See what I mean about another country- actual coconuts!

Hey and look- they used some of the same exact faux flowers I used for my spring wreath
in this front desk arrangement!

Yesterday I went to a great yarn store- Bliss Yarns. And as if a foreign yarn store wasn't enough fun- to top it off they were having a one day 75% off sale room! I got 4 balls of this really really soft yarn in two beautiful colors for a steal!

 I also picked up some gift yarn for my mom (not going to show you so she doesn't see too), a few needle holders, And this- Stix Fix.

I've never seen this before but the inventor should get an award. It's a fix-it kit for wooden needles that takes care of nicks and also conditions well-worn needles back to a glossier finish. If you, like me had never seen this before, and you, like me, have a cat that likes to chew on wooden needles. After they picked you up off the floor where you lay from sheer surprise and joy- you were ready to fork over whatever necessary to obtain this small miracle. And now wish you had purchased two- just incase this fabulous little item doesn't exist in Massachusetts and you will be stuck with chewed up needles again once it's gone. 

I haven't tried it yet- so I'll let you know how it goes. But they assured me it was great and I believe them because...

They were so welcoming- offered to let me hang out and knit if I had needles or to come back on Tuesday when they are open again to and hang out to knit before I go home. Really great home-away-from-home yarn store. And to be honest they were way more welcoming than the small shop around the corner from my actual home. I can't say enough good things about Bliss- if you are ever in Nashville go and visit!

I will leave you with two really neat things we did already.
A visit to the Parthenon- yeah they have one of those in Nashville too!

And the gorgeous Belmont Mansion 

Where we had a wonderful tour guide (J.C. I think) who told my husband almost everything he wanted to know about this house.

P.S. We had one of the best breakfasts I've ever had at the Pancake Pantry (Hillsboro Village in Nashville). I don't think they have a website but the sweet potato pancakes alone are good enough to take a plane ride back here. Seriously.

And a great dinner/live music show (thanks to the amazing G.M. who went above and beyond her job) at the BB Kings Blues Club

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