Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top 9 Reasons For Crafters To Be Green

Happy Earth Day 2009!

Aside from the obvious benefits to the planet from being greener- here are my top 9 reasons for crafters to be green.

9. Now that you can get eco-friendly glues and paints there is no need to worry about what the "use in a well ventilated area" items are going to do to your brain. Cause lets face it- no one ever goes outside to use those things.

8. Being green takes ingenuity and creativity- we crafters love a challenge.

7. Being green saves money and we all know that us crafters are a cheap... I mean thrifty bunch.

6. If you sell your crafts upcycling also means upprofiting since your cost of goods goes way down.

5. Turns out that being able to do 7 or 8 things with an egg carton or an old juice box is a life sustaining skill and not just fooling around with junk. Didn't you always know crafting could save the world?

4. You can now spend more money at the craft store since you've saved so much money recycling. (buying responsibly- no excessive packaging of course)

3. When your significant other happens to see the bank statement and finds out how much you've spent at the craft store- you can point out how you are really saving money overall- with all of the reuse you've been able to work into crafting.

2. If global warming continues no one will need hats, mittens, scarfs, or sweaters. If you are a knitter or a felter who uses old knitting- this is a nightmare scenario!

1. What was formerly considered being a pack rat is now merely future opportunities for reuse

P.S. In honor of recycling here are two older posts you might enjoy again- or for the 1st time.

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  1. I love #3! But I try to control the bank statements to avoid that conversation in general :)

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