Sunday, April 19, 2009

MSCE April and the Last Day of Kids Craft Week: Pet Rocks

Today's post is a little late- but better late than never I guess. It turned out to be a busy day. The buying a new house bug has hit us, and while we aren't officially looking yet- we went a bunch of open houses to see what the market is like. We saw some not so great, and some really nice places. But it took a lot of time and we didn't see anything that made us want to pack up and move tomorrow.

Today for the last day of my kids craft week, I have... a Pet Rock.

I used to color and paint on rocks all the time as a kid. I loved to collect interesting looking rocks and pebbles on beach vacations or playing outside- some were interesting enough that I kept them as rocks, some just seemed like they wanted to be something else- a dog, a dinosaur, a rabbit, a turtle, or like today's rock from the garden- a crab.

It's been eons since I've decorated a rock- but there's something about them that's just too cute.

For this little crustacean I painted the rock red, while that was drying I dug through some mini seashells.

I found pointy ones that reminded me of claws and white ones I thought would make interesting eyes. For the claw I glued a smaller pointy shell inside a larger one. At the last minute decided on googly eyes instead of painted eyes so I glued those onto the white shells. 

Once the rock was dry I glued the eyes and claws on- and gave Mr. Crab a happy little smile with a sharpie. 

It might be a little soon to start thinking beach (at least in my corner of the world) but this is a great way to use of all those little treasures collected from a day at the shore.

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  1. How cute! I love how you used shells to make your pet rock into a crab.


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