Friday, April 17, 2009

MSCE April and Kids Craft Week: Paper Plate Sea Creatures

Today's kids project is good old fashion paper plate craft. I made sea creatures, a fish, turtle, and crab. For all of these I stapled (or glued) two paper plates back to back to make a "shell"

On the fish I used a third paper plate to make a fin for each side, a tail and a fin for the top.

Then I used markers to color it. Last but not least I mod podged on paper napkins and tin foil to make the rest of the scales.

The turtle is my favorite- 

First I cut up the leftover paper plates that the tye-dye coffee filters dried on (I told you the plates would make an appearance) for the head, feet and tail. I liked the look of it so much I decided to do the same thing for the shell. I made the tye-dye filters like I usually do except I painted it on over turned plates instead of the right side up plates.

Then there's this guy-

 I painted him red with acrylic craft paint, used pipe cleaners for the legs and paper for the claws.

I know paper plate crafts are a classic- but I hope I gave them a new twist.
P.S. I photographed them on my outdoor table because the rippled glass always reminds me of water! And stay tuned this weekend for the last two days of kids craft week! 

If you missed an of it here are the rest of the posts from this week.

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