Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I gave my husband for Valentine's Day

As I mentioned I've been sick with this bug/flu/horrible absolutely awful virus thats been going around. I am now home (thankfully, as I couldn't take another day in the hospital) and feeling a bit better. 

Needless to say it was going to be a very low-key Valentines since being sick all week. 

We were going to skip the gifts this year anyway- instead Steve was going to make a nice Romantic meal (obviously out- since food has been out of the question). 

I ended up getting flowers, earlier this week. It was really sweet and the brightened up both my mood and the room I was in.

I had all sorts of plans for this past week: I was going to make Lucy a collar painted with little hearts. Then I was going to make some Valentines cards and Heart shaped cookies with Jam in the middle for friends and family (also again, obviously out...).

I still wound up making my husband a quick little card (I couldn't let the day pass without at least that) and gave it to him this morning when he woke up.

Oh yeah, and didn't I mention...I also gave him the virus I had! Fortunately he didn't get it as bad, but he still feels lousy. (It's a bit of a 2 for 1 card)

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