Monday, January 13, 2014

Rose Cake

This was my first attempt at gum paste roses (which I've been wanting to make for a while now). I didn't have petal cutters so I decided to make each rose petal out of a flattened ball of tinted gum paste.

And although that meant there were a lot of pieces for each flower, I think it was well worth the effort.
They ended up looking so real (and I'm definitely embarrassed to admit this) that I even fooled myself at one point. 

While I had the whole tray of roses drying in the kitchen I walked past them, and almost out of reflex before I'd even fully thought about what I was doing, I picked one of them up and smelled it. Like I would do if it were real- realizing as I got a wiff of "sugar" instead of "rose"what I'd done.

The white icing boarder was also special. It's my first crack and drop icing! If you don't know the term "drop icing" it means you pipe one long string of icing letting it hang dangerously in mid-air (ready to break at any moment) and every so often touch it to the surface of the cake to form even swags. (It's kind of like the high wire act of the cake icing world.)

It went as good as it could have- no breaks at all! But, boy was it nerve-raking. I was really glad this was a small cake!


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Meg! The roses are perfection and the scrolled border is amazing - especially after reading how hard it is to do.

  2. This cake is museum worthy! Not only did the drop border come out perfectly--I've done this on a smaller scale (and not on a cake) with glue, so I know how precarious it is, but the roses are sheer perfection!

  3. Simply amazing work! I can't even imagine having any success with this and you - look at you!!! Your roses and your drops are absolute perfection - brilliant!

    I am always glad to see Mega Crafty pop up in my reader! Like this post, it is always worth reading. I know anything like this and posting about it as well can be challenging for you so I appreciate it even more. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Thanks so much Pam. I appreciate you stopping by to read- even though I haven't been posting regularly lately. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

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