Thursday, June 13, 2013


We lost Lucy on Tuesday. She was 14 and a half and lived a long good life. We knew her time was coming but that didn't make it any easier.

December 22 1998- June 11 2013

She was smart.

And loved the pumpkin patch. She would always find a rotten pumpkin to eat or roll in.

Costumes were ok- she was a good sport.

Apple picking was fantastic!

Always our little project supervisor.

She loved naps on the bed.

And rides in the car.

She really thought she was a cat.

But liked some things about being a dog- like chewing. Sticks yum!

She would use anything for a pillow.

She loved the water. Here she is ready for her first canoe ride.

And she loved snow. Especially the first snow, she would run around like crazy. This picture of her prints was the only one I could get that wasn't just a blur of a dog running around.

She was loved and she will be missed.


  1. So sorry, Meg. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful Lucy!

  2. It just breaks my heart when I hear someone loses animal they love so much,some people say get another .Well you can but you never forget her.Lost people grieve with you & I'm one...

  3. So sorry! I lost My girl a couple of years ago. She was 14 years old. I wasn't ready to let go but mother nature said it was time. I still think of her every day. This year for mothers day my daughter bought me a necklace from the Rusty Chain. Its a paw print charm with "Tess" on it. Along with a little pearl charm. If your looking for a sweet rememberence piece of jewelry I highly reccomend them. I love mine and wear it all the time.

  4. Thank you all for these lovely comments. I really appreciate them.

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