Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cookie Cutter Rework

Ever really need something specific, that you know you've seen a million times in the stores... but once you go to buy it, you can't find it anywhere?

That was me with mini leaf shaped cookie cutters.

I needed some for Thanksgiving. But wouldn't you know it- couldn't find them anywhere.

Yesterday I looked in the last place I could think of that might have them. A little old fashioned general store that carries a small selection of cutters. 

When they didn't have them either I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to have them. 
But just as I was leaving I saw a small basket full of random mini cutters. I searched it for leaves-to no avail- but did find two shapes (what I think are supposed to be an apple and a stocking) that I thought could be made into leaf shapes. So in a last ditch effort I bought them. 

One pair of needle nose pliers and a few four-letter words later, I have something resembling leaf shapes.

They are wonky looking for sure. But I tried them last night and they worked like a charm. Phew!

If you celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you have a Happy Turkey Day!


  1. Now that is just the smartest thing...I would not have thought of reshaping a metal cutter!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. They look great! Way to be so creative. Now that you have the shape you wanted it is nearly guaranteed that you'll see mini leaf cookie cutters in the next store you enter.
    : )

  3. Thanks Craftymoose! It definitely opens up the possibilities in the future if I can't find that "just right" cookie cutter.

    And Holly- you are 100% right- I bet I see them everywhere now! Thanks for your comment.

    : )

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