Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fluffy Bunnies

Months ago I bought some angora fiber. I've never spun with angora- but hopefully as the cool weather rolls around I'll get my chance!

When it comes to spinning I know that every fiber type is different. But up until now they've all had one thing in common- their ability to attract my cats from anywhere in the house.  They can be sleeping soundly but as soon as the fiber comes out they are both awake and (unfortunately) super interested in what's going on.

I've already noticed something different about angora- it seems to attract 50lb black labs instead of cats. Labs who can't help but to bury their face in the soft fluffy fiber and sniff and sniff until they have to be physically restrained.

I know the feeling, sometimes I get overwhelmed by fiber too.


  1. Hopefully, your black lab won't turn into a "white lab". One sneeze would do it!

  2. Wish i could join you for some spinning. My roving is quietly waiting for me to remember it is there!


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