Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Some of these little doodles are sketches for projects that have been years in the making. In all that time they've never gone from being more than just passing "that would be nice for next year" thoughts in my head.

Hmm... there just might be something to this starting Halloween early thing.

Hopefully now that I have some ideas on paper (and I'm blogging about them) I'll actually get to the crafting part and have something to show for my years of thought.

And on a related note- Has anyone else noticed that Halloween seems to be starting early not just here but everywhere? I know I usually have Halloween on the brain but I've stumbled upon movies on TV, blogs posts, and even last night's Craft Wars all with Halloween themes. And of course the stores have had merchandise for Halloween (and Christmas) out for more than a month now. Not that I'm complaining about an early Halloween mind you! I just find it curious. Like somehow the universe is making up for the October snow storm (that actually cancelled Halloween in most of the northeast last year) and giving us an extended season this year. Not to mention with all heat waves we've had this summer, I for one am looking forward to a bit of fall crispness in the air!


  1. I've noticed this, too! A long time ago, Christmas items didn't come out until after Thanksgiving--now they are out at the end of the summer! It makes it hard to get in the spirit!

  2. You're right t really does! I notice that by the time Christmas decorations are actually appropriate I'm almost visually tired of seeing them in the store. And I'm sorry but when it's over 100 out (which it was when I was in the craft store and they were putting out both Christmas and Halloween at the same time) Halloween and Christmas have no business on the shelves. It really does make it hard to get into the mood. And at the very least I wish they'd stick to merchandising for one holiday at a time.

  3. At least you have some thoughts on paper! Mine are often swimming around in my head!!!

  4. Lovin' your sketches! Heeheehee - are you thinking of playing with gourds too? Totally LOVE the gourd drawings so far.

    I hear you about Christmas - and this coming from "Mrs. Christmas"!

    I love stumbling across the occasional Christmas shop any time of the year and I can forgive craft stores because - while many crafters still fight it - Christmas crafting must start early. But grocery stores? Drug stores? Department stores? Come-on!

    Early Christmas in these places could ruin it for me too so I have learned to put on blinders so I don't see any of it til November!

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  9. Exciting to see your sketches turning into tangible projects! Starting Halloween early might just be the spark needed to bring those long-pondered ideas to life. Embracing the early Halloween vibe sounds like a delightful creative journey!
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