Monday, August 6, 2012

50's Style Tote and Free Graphics Download

Turns out this was my last project for SYTYC, I was voted off last week with the bag I made for the Out and About theme. First I want to say a big huge Thank You to everyone who went to the site each week and voted. I really appreciate it!

This is the part where I'm probably supposed to say that I loved being in the competition and wished I went all the way to the end, but to tell you the truth I'm actually relieved the whole thing is done. Don't get me wrong- I took a chance on a new experience and I'm glad for that. But not feeling good most of the time and never knowing if I'll be having a good or a bad day as far as dizziness goes, makes it really hard to craft on a schedule. It really took all my energy and focus to turn in a craft in each week by the deadline. I didn't expect it to be so much, but it was completely different from the way I normally craft. Consequently, lots of things that are important were sacrificed just to keep up. At the end of the day I just wasn't having fun with it. And crafting should be fun right!?

I did enjoy the different themes each week. They pushed me to create things I wouldn't have done otherwise. This bag is actually a great example of that. I've never done fabric transfers like this before.

First I found a three graphics of 50's style ladies on the Graphics Fairy site. I altered two of them to better fit my Out and About doing errands theme. You can find the originals here, here, and here.

Then I created two of my own graphics to supplement the ones I found on the Graphics Fairy site. (FREE download for these graphics is below!)

I used a process I saw on How about Orange to transfer them onto the bag.

Finally I painted the bag. (My favorite part of the whole project!)

I added color to the graphics using watercolors.

On the back I created a bold 50's style graphic pattern using acrylic paint.

If you want to download the graphics I created they are free but for personal use only. Please do not download them and use them on projects you are selling.

I had so much fun painting this bag I plan on getting a few more bags to personalize for grocery shopping and errands!

And thanks again to everyone who voted!


  1. You did a wonderful job with this market tote--I love both sides!

    It certainly is hard to keep up with a weekly themed challenge, and you did a fabulous job--you should be proud of yourself!

  2. Thanks so much Craftymoose I really appreciate your comment!

    : )

  3. that market tote is super cute! I think you did a fantastic job...especially considering you weren't feeling 100%.

  4. Meg, First, I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. I hope that you can return to a more balanced pace. Second, your creativity is amazing! I enjoyed seeing your ideas and had fun voting in the contest. I LOVE this bag and voted for it!!! I also understand how pressuring yourself with creating can quickly take the fun out of it!

  5. Thanks Shannah and Jane! Already returning to a more balanced pace. : )

  6. You are right about the SYTYC adventure - if nothing else, it does push one to consider making things that would have otherwise never been "invented"! Or try techniques new to us.

    I really do think this experience would have been better had it been spaced out over a longer period of time. Even the healthiest contestants are probably weary by now.

  7. Yes Pam, it really did push me to do things I never would have considered without the themes.


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