Friday, April 6, 2012

Polymer Clay Egg Stand

Is it me or did Easter come awfully quick this year? I barely got over St. Patrick's Day and suddenly I realized Easter was here and I really didn't get to any of the Easter projects I'd planned to post.

So I guess they'll have to wait to next year... but I do have one that's quick and easy. And might just come in handy if you're going to decorate eggs this weekend.

Polymer Clay Egg Stands

I used decorative scissors, my craft knife, and some border paper punches to make stands that will hold decorated eggs.

I started with strips of clay flattened in my pasta machine. Then used my craft knife to even out the edges of my strips. I cut the top edge with decorative scissors, or punched them out with a border punch.

Then I curled the strips into rings and pressed the edges together. And baked according to the directions on the package.

Since this project uses polymer clay, which is not recommended for use with food (mostly from what I gather because it's porous and can't be cleaned properly between uses to kill bacteria), you probably don't want to use these stands for eggs you are going to eat. But it's perfect for decorative eggs! 


  1. Oh awesome idea! Thanks! Happy Easter! xoxo, Amy

  2. Very cute idea! I have a bunch of Pysanky eggs I made years ago--I use napkin rings as stands!

  3. Great idea to use your pasta machine with the clay. These are perfect for Easter Weekend!

  4. Thanks so much for the comments. Hope you all have a great weekend.

    Holly- I LOVE the pasta machine for polymer clay. It makes it so easy to get smooth pieces with a consistent thickness. I just have a cheap hand crank one- you can get them pretty much anywhere that carries that kind of stuff (including the craft store in the clay isle). But since you aren't supposed to use the same tools for food and clay, this pasta machine is dedicated for clay only.

  5. Ha! Brilliant! And just in time to save me! My egg collection is getting too big for the tree and basket - now I can safely let them sit out on the mantle!!


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