Thursday, March 8, 2012

Painted Leprechaun Mask

Sometimes I forget that crafts don't have to be complicated, challenging, or expensive to be satisfying.

I found this mask in a bin at the craft store for one dollar and thought my nephew would like it (at two he's not really into hats or masks but he's all about things you can hold up in front of your face).

I forgot to take a picture before I started so here are two more I bought the same day. They start out as just balsa wood and a black outline.

A little bit of paint and an hour later I had a finished project. And I can't tell you how relaxing it was to just sit and paint this simple inexpensive mask.


  1. I see these in crafts all time First time seen one finished ,Love itYou sure paint great,,,,Thanks Cookie

  2. You don't have to tell ME how relaxing painting this mask was!!! Sometimes, we just need to do something that is fun, and simple and easy and turns out adorable!

    Which your mask is - adorable!

  3. How fun are these!
    Found you through Toys in the Dryer - would love to have you come by for a visit.


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