Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We'll have Halloween at Christmas?

Since we are apparently having Christmas instead of Halloween, maybe we'll have Halloween at Christmas.

If you don't live in northeast you might not know what I'm talking about. Saturday afternoon it started snowing- and I mean SNOWING.

We woke up on Sunday to a foot of heavy wet snow. It sure felt and looked like Christmas time outside.

Having Halloween cancelled in practically every community because all the power was out, trees and wires littered the streets, and some areas were digging out of almost 3 feet of snow instead of just the 1, also made it feel less like fall and more like winter.

Having my entire family camped out at my house because they still don't have power (which means no heat either) and all the schools canceled everyday so far this week made it feel like Christmas vacation.

I'll have a Christmas announcement later today but if you are in that Christmas spirit too head on over to Gingerbread Snowflakes. Pam has 3 great holiday giveaways happening right now.

P.S. My email is still out (the downside of hosting email locally) but at least I have power so I can check the blog.


  1. Those of us on the west coast can not even FATHOM snow in October. How bizarre!

    Your photos look beautiful though!

  2. Well! Now I know why my love note was returned! I figured it had something to do with the storm. Will save it til you have service.

    What a mess- this storm. We are hearing how bad it is on the other side of the country and can hardly believe it. I am glad you do have power but I hope power is restored to everyone very soon.

    With things as they have been for you this year, maybe it is not bad that Christmas came early! Maybe you won't feel like you missed out so much on your favorite holiday.

    OH! And thank you so much for the mention! I am in a very celebratory mood over here! funny - I didn't expect that!

  3. We got hit pretty hard in my part of NY, too! We got a foot and lost power for almost 3 full days. We were in pretty good shape with the generator & invited the neighbors in everyday to get warm and eat dinner with us.

    Our daughter lost power where she is too!

  4. Michael Ann- those of us on the East Coast can't really fathom snow in October either! Maybe some flurries but snow like this- NEVER.

    Pam- Yes that's why your email bounced back
    : (

    CraftyMoose-Sorry to hear you got hit too. Being out of the power loop I feel like I only know that we got hit but not what other states were also slammed with snow. We lost power until Monday morning in my city but I know some people in the city where your daughter goes to school are still without power. My family has been staying with us- they are still out of power as of tonight- and may not be back on tomorrow either.

  5. Thanks Jane. We are ok. And we were lucky- no major tree damage and our power came back on Monday morning. And fortunately we could cook, and still had heat and hot water even while the power was out for 3 days. There are still lots of people who are without power- which for many means no heat, no cooking, and no hot water. Hopefully by this weekend they'll have everyone back up. Because by then people will have gone a week without power. And I'm sorry to say there have been deaths due to CO poisoning from people trying to stay warm with emergency heaters that weren't vented. Probably a lot of hypothermia cases too.


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