Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Experiments in Upcycling

I really love upcycling projects, it's terribly clever (not to mention budget saving) to make a wonderful product out of something that would otherwise be trash.

But to be honest with you- I don't feel like I do enough of these projects. I just don't think my brain naturally works that way. Most of the time I don't consider the possibilities of the everyday items I throw out.

So in an effort to change that, and to maybe not be such a craft store junkie (seriously I was there two times in one week recently), I've been saving PT and TP rolls up for a while now with no specific purpose in mind.

Today I'm playing around with them. And hopefully I'll come up with something. If I do I'll post a new project tutorial... if not I guess I'll post a new craft disaster story.

Either way I'll have at least given it a try instead of just throwing away/recycling those tubes.

I'm curious- Do you upcycle a lot when you craft? If so what types of materials do you use and what have you made?


  1. I live a long way from a craft store, so, apart from little bits and pieces from a dollar store, I recycle everything. It's very satisfying. Good luck with the upcycling! Once you start, you see different uses for all kinds of mundane things.

  2. Thanks Rhissanna, it's good to know that seeing the possibilities in recycled/upcycled materials can be an acquired skill!

  3. Once you start it's difficult to stop. Hop over to Nancy's blog at My Legacy, where she has a running theme about up-cycling plastic soda bottles.

    And thank you for the sweet comment about my altered skeletons! Local dollar store had a new glue gun, so, I hope to be making more!

  4. Lets see the only thing I made out of tp rolls was a tag book and I tried to use one to organize my hair clips but I still lost them.

    Trying that mod podge skull right now and you weren't kidding when you said you did really tiny paper! also getting a lot of white edges when I tear even carefully. I don't think I'm as patient as you!

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Your tp roll hair clip organizer made me remember that I tired to improvise hair curlers out of TP rolls once- it sort of worked. LOL.

    As for the skulls- yes it's time consuming, that's for sure. I actually cut the paper with scissors instead of tearing it into pieces, then overlapped edges where I needed to. Normally I would have torn them too- but the white edges come out.

  6. Good luck with your project. I hope it goes well. I need some ideas for all the TP rolls I have stored in my night stand drawer (of all places!!!)


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