Monday, September 26, 2011

Coffee Filter Spiderwebs and Banners

I first posted this project last year. But I'm making more of these super easy webs and banners this year so I thought I'd post the idea again. Hope you don't mind a rerun!

This is an easy technique similar to making a paper doll, and I love the results. The slightly translucent coffee filter makes the perfect cobweb.

Here's how you do it:

First fold a large filter in half, then in half again, and in half again so you end up with a wedge.

Starting at the tip of the wedge lightly draw curved bars across the filter with a pencil.

Make more bars until you get to the back of the wedge. I usually make 4 bars going across.

Then I mark out the edges. This just helps me to keep where I'm going to cut on track.

Now that your web is marked out you'll need a craft knife to cut out all the areas in the center.
The areas that are scribbled in are the ones I'm going to cut.

A sharp knife blade really helps get through all those layers of the filter cleanly.

Once you have all the areas cut out with the craft knife take your scissors and round the outside edge to match the arms of the web.

Now unfold and you have a great web to decorate your house for Halloween.

You could stop there, but these also make an awesome banner.

To make a banner, start by cutting each web in half with scissors.

Glue each section of web to a piece of white thread (or string).

I placed a dot of glue on each edge and in the middle of every web section and stuck the thread into the glue.

Keep going until you have a banner as long as you need. And that's all there is to it. I love how this came out and can't wait to hang them all over the house!

P.S. You can use large industrial coffee filters to make really big webs too!


  1. Cute idea! Those industrial size ones are awesome, too!

  2. Love it Meg - I'm going to share on Twitter!

  3. What a cool idea!!! And much better than the typical stringy spider webs that you see during Halloween time.

    We would be thrilled if you would stop by and join our Great Halloween Link Up going on through the end of October!

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