Monday, August 15, 2011

Ransacked! Put out an APB

It wasn't even 10am this morning and there I was eating a double chocolate cookie and having a mocha coffee. Which seemed like the only logical action to take after coming into my studio this morning and finding this.

That filthy, broken muddle of crap all over the floor used to be those lovely mod podged frames I was working on last week. Not to mention the debris from about three other in-progress projects too. Oh and all that dirt is from the potted tulips I was storing until it was time to plant them outdoors in a few weeks.

On the island I also found a mishmash of broken items and supplies.

Now it's just something needing the attentions of work gloves, a trash bag and the shop-vac.

Although it's true that there's been a sad and frightening rash of vandalism and theft around my neighborhood lately, this scene wasn't caused by some stranger in the night. Who, when finding nothing of value to them, decided instead to destroy everything in their path.

No, this wasn't caused by some stranger. The culprit is well-known around here:

12.5 years old
Approximately 50 lbs.
Black Fur
Brown Eyes

Goes by the name of Lucy. Other known aliases include Lucy Ducy, Shooshi, and Lucifer (perhaps for obvious reasons).

Crafters beware. She may look calm and sweet... but don't be fooled! (Well she is sweet.) Throughout her criminal career she's accumulated a rap sheet not just one, but two miles long. Including minor offenses such as general eating, stepping on and breaking of handmade items. Felonies consisting of Halloween pumpkin eating and studio vandalism. All the way up to the capital offense of "days before my wedding" hotel room guest's gift basket destruction/consuming.

She's a sneaky individual. Be on your guard, despite whatever security measures are taken- closed doors, locking trash can, high shelves cabinets or counters, you can never be sure when and where she'll strike.

Oh and to add icing on the cake the Internet appears to be going in and out at least every five minutes. Maybe in an attempt to thwart this all points bulletin, our suspect tried to eat through/rip out the Internet cables... again.


  1. Oh noooooooo! Awwwwww, look at that little sweet face though.....naughty monkey!!

    So sorry about the mess...*sigh* We have 7 dogs so I know how frustrating this can be!


  2. oh my gosh LuLu SEVEN dogs... you must have the patients of a Saint! We used to have two, and the trouble they got into together was unspeakable! But they also had the best times together, which I bet yours do too.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. Sorry for the mess, but that is one sweet faced pooch. Maybe she was trying to bond with you on a crafty level!

  4. Thanks Tanya... LOL maybe you're right, she does like to paint... at least that's what we think since we can't have paint out for for than 30 seconds before it's all over her somehow, so maybe she wants to craft too!

    And she is sweet. Her cuteness has saved the little devil on more than one occasion. (It's her secret weapon). Because really...I just can't stay mad at that face.

  5. She may be a handful but I love her :) And she is sure one happy girl!

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