Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pet Rock Crab

That titles so close to being Rock Lobster that now I want to make an actual rock lobster just so I can title a post "Rock Lobster"as a B-52's homage. Anyway- Here's a recycled post I hope you'll like. I first wrote this back in 2009 (when I think about 3 people read this blog) so for many of you it will be new and not recycled at all. It's an oldie but a goodie- the painted rock.

I used to color and paint on rocks all the time as a kid. I loved to collect interesting looking rocks and pebbles on beach vacations or playing outside- some were interesting enough that I kept them as rocks, some just seemed like they wanted to be something else- a dog, a dinosaur, a rabbit, a turtle, or like today's rock from the garden- a crab.

It's been eons since I've decorated a rock- but there's something about them that's just too cute.

For this little crustacean I painted the rock red, while that was drying I dug through some mini seashells.

I found pointy ones that reminded me of claws and white ones I thought would make interesting eyes. For the claw I glued a smaller pointy shell inside a larger one. At the last minute decided on googly eyes instead of painted eyes so I glued those onto the white shells.

Once the rock was dry I glued the eyes and claws on- and gave Mr. Crab a happy little smile with a sharpie.


  1. i love anything that makes me smile, giggle, laugh...and your little critter made me laugh a little.

    Thanks for sharing! And for making me smile :)

  2. Thanks Liss- I'm so glad it gave you a laugh and a smile. Comments like yours make my day!

  3. so cute. I would love for you to stop by on Monday to link up your pet rock and any other projects you would like to share.

  4. Rock critters are definitely one of the favorites with kids at rock shows. But this little guy - the BEST! You are a genius - you know that right? I know that!

  5. Thanks Crystal, Jaime and Pam for taking the time to leave a comment- made my day!

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