Thursday, July 14, 2011

Frustration- thy name is crafting!

They say necessity is the mother of invention. But what no one tells you is that the x-husband of inspiration is probably frustration.

This week started filled with inspiration... maybe too much for much for my own good... but now it's pretty much been taken over by frustration.

I've been trying to peel the labels off of wine bottles for days... yes days! And this is mostly what I have to show for my efforts.

Sticky label residue covered bottles and stubborn paper that won't come all the way off.

I did manage to totally clean one bottle... but wasn't able to cut the top off with the bottle cutter. I tried more than once to score it but it just would cut enough. I've used them before and know that they can work... so maybe I just need more practice.

I also tried the rock drill and it really doesn't work at all. I tried making a hole through both a rock and a shell (that came packed with the drill) for almost ten minutes each and they don't even have a scratch on them! Although it's brand new I think the drill bit is too dull. I felt it with my finger and it's as smooth as can be.

Perhaps experimentation has remarried and is in a successful relationship with perseverance and I just need to stop complaining and get back to work!

It wasn't all bad though- I did manage to make these and I love how they turned out!!! Thank goodness for wool this week.


  1. Well, you may be having a spat of bad luck with your craffting but your words are inspired!

    I have written every word written about necessity, frustration and experimentation in to my journal! YOU are brilliant!

    I wish like everything i could offer some help. But i have never found an answer to the bottle thing either.

    Send me an e-mail about the rodk drill - maybe including a link to the details? There has to be some reason this is not working for you. Maybe i can find out something helpful xox

  2. Pam- you're an angel!

    And believe it or not it's actually good to hear that it's not just me with the bottles... seriously, what do they use some sort of super powered adhesive and invisible paper!

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