Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update 2 on the big weaving project.

Slowly, slowly I've been weaving.

A little bit here.

A little bit there.

I'm up to a solid 1/3 done. Creeping towards the halfway mark.

And just in case you're starting to think "geesh that's taking her a really long time". I've been working on other projects too. I don't want to discourage anyone from trying a big weaving project because you think I've been doing nothing but sitting hunched over this project day in, day out.


  1. Excellent progress for a dabbler with her hands in many projects at once!

    You have inspired me just so you know! Three posts coming in July all because of your brilliance!

  2. It's looking so lovely. We took our hula hoop off the "loom" and it was bubbled. My daughter made a rectangular rug, tho, on a frame my husband built. You can see photos on her blog:

  3. you're beginning to think gees. buy masters research proposal that is taking as much time as necessary". dealing with different undertakings as well.

  4. Weaving is the interlacing of two sets of threads at right angles to each other to form cloth. Weaving is usually done on a loom. One set of threads is called the warp. These threads are held taut and in parallel order on the loom by harnesses creating a space called the shed.

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