Thursday, June 9, 2011

A New Weaving Project

Completing my first Saori project definitely gave me the weaving bug. To make my Saori I used a wonderful tutorial posted by Pam on her blog Gingerbread Snowflakes. It was easy and fun and really relaxing. I highly recommend it!

In the middle of that project inspiration struck. The idea for a woven picture frame started forming in my head. The thought of covering a frame with all that woven, yummy, yarn texture seemed gorgeous.

However, the thing about Saori is that it's supposed to be random. No planning, just impulsive creativity. Which normally sounds good, but I have a very specific look in mind for this frame- So I don't really think I can call this weaving a Saori. But it's certainly Saori inspired!

The yarn I'm using is one of the first I ever dyed myself. The colors are some of my favorites and they mixed exactly how I'd intended. These tones remind me of being at the ocean (a place I love) on one of those bright breezy perfect early summer days. When the clouds are high and puffy. And everything sparkles from the light of the sun and movement of the water and wind.

I had this yarn for almost a year waiting for it to speak to me- and it turns out it wants to be a woven frame. Who knew? Certainly, not me!

I've just started weaving. It's a big frame. I also have to account for the weaving shrinking when it comes off the board so the board is even bigger than the big frame.

There's a long.



way to go before I'm done.


  1. OK You have officially made my day! This is going to be so cool I can't stand it!

    And I love your hand dyed yarn. It will be fun to work with and watch the pattern develop as you go.

    I can not wait to see your progress.

  2. Just stopping by to let you know that I featured your golf cupcakes on my blog. Love them!

  3. Lovely colors. I look forward to seeing the finished results. I think I am going to try a weaving project with the kids - found it on pinterest. But we're going to weave a circular rug using a hula hoop as a loom and t shirts for the fabric! I thought it would be a good family project to work on.

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  5. What type of fiber is this yarn?


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