Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A couple of Birthday Cards for the Mister

I try to make as many of the cards I give as possible (I never reach 100% of the cards given being handmade but I think I get closer to it ever year).

But I always try to make the misters birthday cards. He gets two- one from me and one from our furry kids (is that weird?).

This year I gave him this one from "the kids".

Each of them are represented on the front.

Lucy has the wild barking bubbles - even at age 12.5 she's got an enormous amount of energy.

Jinx has 7 bubbles with long wild sounding caterwauling (he's a talker)

And finally Webs (who's real name is Pebbles) she's got the two bubbles bottom right with the glaring eyes and a "meh" sound....

can you see why- Webs glares like that pretty often and only has a few choice words to say when she feels like it.

Then from me The Mister got a popup card. It's the first one I've ever made so I was excited when it actually worked!

Because I wanted a larger card I didn't actually print out the pattern I just recreated the design. It was still really easy to put together with the step by step directions. I made it my own by using a variety of papers, some glitter, a bit of paint, decorative scissors and a circle punch.


  1. That is positively the coolest card I have ever seen! (and your pack is just too dang cute, the furry lot of them!)


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