Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pressing Obsession

Winter Pine Invitation

Have you heard about the lifestyle crafts epic letterpress? I only recently saw one last month (although it's apparently been on the market for about a year now) and am now obsessed by the idea of having it.

Winter Pine Close-ups

You see, I used to have my own invitation business. Something I loved doing but the mister says "was ahead of it's time". It was before Etsy and similar sites for selling handmade existed. I got really good local press and was known by the major wedding venues near me but the market just wasn't big enough to support what I was doing full-time.

Message in a bottle Save the Date

I also had a really hard time finding printers who understood what I was doing. Most weren't interested in working on small specialty projects like couture invitations. And the one thing I kept saying to the mister year after year was... "if I could have my own press that would be perfect. But it would have to be smaller than a regular press since we don't have the room for a print shop".

Fall Plum Invitation

And now almost a decade later- that little printer I was dreaming of is here!

Wedding Program Fan

Lighthouse Save the Date

When I say obsessed by this press I mean it.

It's a big purchase as far as craft supplies go. And even with a little saving it would wipe out my "craft budget" for a good long while... but I still can't stop thinking about the gorgeous printed items that would roll off this little baby.

Fall Leaves Invitation

But I'm going to try. And in the meantime cross my fingers that by some very small chance I'm lucky enough to win one.

But it's also got me wondering what else I've been missing- are there any new crafting items you are drooling and obsessing over?


  1. Happened to randomly run across your post {looking for giveaways} and I have to share that Hobby Lobby has it available through their site. The awesome thing is you can use a 40% coupon online. So, if you do them in separate transactions you can get the epic six and the letterpress starter kit for $41.99 each. That's what I'd do if I didn't win.

  2. Thanks so much for the great tip Chelsea!

  3. See i told you! Dabbler!

    Looks like you are having fun with this.

  4. Very neat! I think you should go for it because you are obviously passionate about it. I haven't had any recent obsessions. My daughter has a Yudu screen printer. That was a big expense and a bit of a learning curve, but she does pretty well with it.

  5. Thanks Jane- I was interested by the Yudu when it first came out. I used to do a lot of screen printing when I ran workshops... but ultimately I decided I wasn't into printing enough anymore to need it. I do love the fact that you can use the same designs across all their machines though- that's a great idea!


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