Monday, February 7, 2011

Cookie box of "chocolates"- Sweets-N- Treats February

This is my first Sweets-N-Treats feature. Some of you might remember that after putting Cupkins, the monthly Cupcake and Muffin collaboration I participated in, on hiatus I decided to continue doing a monthly feature focusing on all sorts of edible crafts.

For February I used Valentine's Day as my theme. A holiday that is in large part very chocolate focused. However... recently I've been trying an allergy elimination diet, a two month trial recommended by my doctor, where can't have all sorts of my favorite foods (including chocolate). It's kind of annoying and chocolate is everywhere right now. So I've been thinking about people who can't ever have chocolate, it's a really hard to avoid it this time of year! That gave me an idea to make a "faux box of chocolates" an edible box filled with tasty little non-chocolate treats.

First I built a box using sugar cookies by making a template for the box pieces using cardstock.
Rolling out store-bought dough and cutting the bottom, top and four sides out using my template. Then I used a few cookies cutter to press designs into the top and sides. (I just pressed the cutter in enough to make an imprint but not slice the cookie all the way through).

Here is is out of the oven and in the beginning stages of assembly. To stick all the parts together I used store bought frosting and added confectioners sugar to it until it was stiff enough to hold everything together.

I decorated it using cinnamon candy for the small dots, white frosting for the largest heart on the lid, fondant for the white hearts on the sides and slices of gumdrops rolled out until they were large enough to cutout a small heart shape using a cookie cutter.

To hide most of my frosting seams I filled the inside of the box with a little coconut.

Then filled it with smaller decorated cookies.

To make these little x's and o's I used a butter knife to carve x's into the dough and the a pastry bag tip to make the o's Once they were cooked I used a tooth pick to fill in the lines with frosting and dipped them into red sugar.

I colored ivory frosting to look like chocolate and decorated some like little boxed candies.

Others I used sanding sugar, sugar beads and tinted frosting to decorate.

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Wow, you are so clever! Simply adorable!

  2. Your edible cookie box is great and I love that you filled it faux chocolate treats. Using coconut to layer the bottom was a great idea!

  3. This is too cool. Of course I am in my usual state of playing catch-up so i missed seeing it in time for Valentines. But i have it bookmarked and a note to myself for next year because i just know Sophia and Antonio would get a huge kick out of making these for their parents.

    I like it better than the chocolate box because you don't have to worry about it melting!

    Thank you for sharing.


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