Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chocolate Candy Cane Hearts

I found this great idea over at Pleasant Home (which is a new to me blog). It's so quick and easy you could make absolutely still make these in time for Sunday.

I've used candy canes to make hearts before. Usually I use a food safe glue to stick two canes together. (they make great gift embellishments for Valentine's) but I'd never thought to make fill them with chocolate like this- Brilliant!

Not only did I get the candy canes on super sale (44 cents) but I was able to find pink and purple colored ones that taste that strawberry and wild berry!

I made two sizes one using two full candy canes and the other where I cut the straight part of the cane down to make a more traditional shaped. (That was hubby's idea and it worked great.)

To decorate them I added red sugar sprinkles, almonds, mini red M&M's and crushed up candy cane.

The ones shown on pleasant home used mini canes and made them into cute little lollipops. maybe next year I'll get an extra box of mini canes and try it that way.

Seriously 20 minutes tops- and these were done! I just got my candy canes last week so they're still out there (I guess that's one benefit to a slow holiday shopping season). You can get the instruction here.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Card Swap Sneak Peak

I joined a Valentine's card swap hosted by Sarah @ Auburn St. I just love making (and getting) handmade cards so I was really excited to join this swap!

I didn't want to ruin the surprise so I'm only posting a sneak peak of my 5 cards.

These will go out in the mail tomorrow- I can't wait to see the 5 I'll get! Once I'm sure my cards have arrived at their destination I'll post some pictures of what I sent and what I received.

Have a wonderful Day- and if your anywhere in the mid-atlantic or northeast it looks like it'll be a really snowy one.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spinning. Out of control.

They should put a warning label on the spinning wheel, It's totally addictive. I've spun two bobbins full and am pretty close to filling the third.

The upside is I'm definitely getting better. See how wobbly the yarn is on this first bobbin

Much smoother on the second.

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