Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Card Swap Sneak Peak

I joined a Valentine's card swap hosted by Sarah @ Auburn St. I just love making (and getting) handmade cards so I was really excited to join this swap!

I didn't want to ruin the surprise so I'm only posting a sneak peak of my 5 cards.

These will go out in the mail tomorrow- I can't wait to see the 5 I'll get! Once I'm sure my cards have arrived at their destination I'll post some pictures of what I sent and what I received.

Have a wonderful Day- and if your anywhere in the mid-atlantic or northeast it looks like it'll be a really snowy one.


  1. So fun! It is SUPER snowy here. I sent out my Valentines for the swap, too... I'm itching to post them on my blog! :)

  2. I'm excitd to see the cards I bet they are so cute!!

  3. I miss the Valentines cards and the little bags of sweeties my kids would bring back from school when we lived in San Jose. We just dont do Valentines in a big way in the UK. You might get a card from your partner and maybe a bunch of red roses ... but dont bet on it!

    I joined a Valentines Heart Swap and was (I'm afraid to say) very disappointed with what I got , but my little boy wasn't so thats ok I suppose!

    Happy Valentines!


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