Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Knitting, don't I still have two weeks?

Christmas feels like it's still two weeks away. With my MIL being in the hospital until right before Thanksgiving we all took some time to recoup and ended up having a family Thanksgiving only about two weeks ago. So I feel like I should get an extra two weeks before Christmas... but that just isn't so.

I still have most of my shopping left but I think I'll make it on most of my holiday knitting projects.

This scarf (done with a new ruffly style yarn that I am just loving) is almost done. The yarn is called cha cha and I bought it here (apparently it's flying off the shelves in store, I wanted gray but settled for Teal since gray was sold out). And bonus, it only takes one skein to make a good sized scarf.

I also made this scarf from a pattern I designed myself.

The button holds it closed so it stays secure under your jacket.

This will be this scarf from the yarn harlot pattern I bought.

It definitely won't be done by Christmas... especially with Santa's little helper camped out on the couch while I try and knit.

But I can wrap it half finished with a picture... and mom, being both mom and a knitter will understand.

By far my favorite project this year has been these bike helmet ear warmers.

They knit up so quick and use about half a skein of yarn for one pair. They are definitely going to be my go-to gift for any bike riders I know who brave the chilly weather.

The pattern is by free and can be found here on Ravelry

And last but not least, I was informed only last week that my sister wants new gloves to replace the ones I made her but that she's lost. She, not being a knitter, doesn't realize what that kind of last minute request can do to a knitter already on the edge of her needles around Christmas time.

She'll get new gloves... but I can't guarantee that it'll still be very cold outside when she does. LOL.

I'm trying to work on a solution that will get her some by Christmas though, maybe a felted sweater mitten would work. That would be so much quicker! (by the way I say that with little sewing skills and having never made a pair of felted sweater mittens... but as I said, with Christmas two weeks away in my head but a mere 4 days away in reality, I'm on the edge of my needles!)


  1. Love love love that ruffle wool! Whats the betting I CANT find it in the UK! I reckon it would be good to sew on something too!

  2. Oh I think it would be fantastic sewn on something. And Webs... where I got the yarn from will ship internationally!

  3. Cha Cha rocks:
    Other quick knits/crochets:


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