Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To Christmas or not to Christmas?

I feel like skipping Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas- and that kind of bugs me. I don't mean the actual holiday- I love all that food- I mean the crafting part.

Sure I have a few Thanksgiving ideas- but I'm not really motivated to make them.

I don't like the idea of rushing into Christmas any more than we do already. And I don't want to say goodbye to fall in favor of winter (which will undoubtedly overstay it's welcome when I'm ready for it to be spring).

So I'm not sure if it's that the stores are full of Christmas stuff before Halloween is even over that's finally affecting me and mentally making me skip over Thanksgiving. Or if it's just my mood coming off of the Halloween Holiday (which I like to call my Halloween hangover) and in a few days I'll be excited for Thanksgiving.

Sadly more and more Thanksgiving just feels like the start of Christmas... and everything leading up to it feels a little like wrap up from Halloween.

By the way, the gifts in the picture at the top of the post are mini presents that fit on the front of a card.

To make them I covered scraps of cardboard with bits of leftover wrapping paper. Then used very thin colored wire to make bows. Small scraps of card stock or cuttings from used gift tags were used to make the tags on them. It's a fun way to recycle last years gift trimmings into this years Christmas cards.


  1. I know what you mean! The way the economy has been, stores are starting even earlier advertising their Christmas specials. I love Thanksgiving, but I've never really been one to craft or decorate for it unfortunately. I do, however, feel that we need at at least slow down and appreciate it.

    Love the card, btw :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Kristin. I agree about the retail environment and the need to slowdown.

    Just writing this post gave me a little more enthusiasm for Thanksgiving crafts. I really do love Thanksgiving and want to appreciate it in it's own right and not as the pre-amble to Christmas. No matter what the mall, tv, and magazines might be telling me.

  3. It is funny that I am reading this post today. The day BEFORE Halloween, our local department store already had their Christmas decorations out. It actually made me want to make Thanksgiving Turkeys. Thanksgiving- the poor overlooked holiday!

  4. LOL- wow Nelly they had the decorations up already! I swear one day we'll go into the stores and instead of 4th of July I'll find Christmas in July.


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