Monday, November 22, 2010

Hospitals, Weddings and Birthdays.

I've been very silent on the blog front lately. I haven't been avoided Thanksgiving crafts or anything- we've just been on a very wild ride.

Each year starting with Halloween prep our lives become a whirlwind of holidays and family birthdays (we have four of them between the beginning of November and Christmas).

This past weekend we also had the wedding of one of my husband's oldest friends that took us out of town for the weekend. Hubby was in the wedding party, and we had a great time, it was just stressful to be away at this particular time.

And unfortunately we've added a few hospital trips into the mix. My mother-in-law's been hospitalized twice, in as many weeks. And had to have a heart procedure done.... the day after her birthday no less. I repeat, she was in the hospital on her Birthday- how's that for adding insult to injury!

With all of this going on, the stress, lack of sleep, not feeling well myself and the pressure to hold together some semblance of normalcy at work is taking a tole.

I want nothing more than to curl up and sleep like Rumpelstiltskin but we've got a house to clean before Thanksgiving. Yikes!

I'll be back to crafting soon... I hope (since that will mean things have settled down and MIL is ok). And when I can get it together, I have a post to do on the Birthday cake I made for MIL.

If I don't post again before Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US!


  1. Good wishes for a healthy recovery for your MIL. Hope you can get off the rollercoaster ride for a while :) Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  2. Take time for yourself. I've been through periods like that and it's amazing you make it through when you look back upon it....but somehow we manage.

  3. Wow, bless your heart - that's a lot to manage all at once. I'm sending good thoughts to your whole family, and hope you all can get some relaxing time in during this holiday weekend.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies. I really appreciate it. MIL is doing better. But because of everything going on we ended up postponing Thanksgiving. We'll have the big family meal in a few weeks when everything is a bit calmer and everyone is feeling up to it. Hubby and I ended up going see Harry Potter on turkey day. And had a low-key no fuss dinner, which was relaxing.


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