Monday, October 18, 2010

Glassblowing Workshop

Over the weekend I took another glassblowing workshop. And it's official, I want to take a real class.

First I thought one of these workshops might satisfy my desire to work with glass. And when they didn't I thought if I took a few more they might show me that working with glass wasn't as glamorous as I thought it might be. Perhaps the workshops would expose something I really didn't like or would scare me into not wanting to work with dangerous 2,000 degree molten globs.

But these workshops have only had the opposite effect, making me want to learn to work with glass more.

There are lots of reason not to- it's expensive, can be dangerous, the equipment (and even a place to learn) isn't all that readily available.

But those reasons don't really change anything. I think I just have to try a real class. It might not happen until spring (or even next fall) but I really want to learn.

My pumpkin from this weekends workshop.


  1. That Is amazing! How cool that you were able to make it youself! I say save up and take a real class - you obviously have some talent at this craft!

  2. Wow you made that after one workshop? It's gorgeous!

  3. That is really beautiful and totally impressive! Well done!

  4. Thank you so much for the nice comments ladies! This was a one day workshop- but it's the 4th of these type of one day theme project classes I've taken.

    The first was a paperweight, the second last year's pumpkin workshop, the third a Christmas ornament and then this year's pumpkin.

    They are a little like glassblowing camp (the instructor's description). since teachers guide you and do a lot of the really hard stuff (to be sure you end up with something that's in one piece).

    But since this was my 4th workshop I got to do many of the techniques that they wouldn't normally let a beginner do.

    Believe me- if I had been truly on my own- it wouldn't have ended up this pumpkin-like.

  5. That's gorgeous and I can't blame you for wanting to do more. Glass blowing is definitely something I want to try some day!

  6. Very neat! It seems so complex. Love the pumpkin!

  7. Thanks Natalie and Jane for the comments.

  8. Your pumpkin is SO beautiful! I have glass blowing envy... have always wanted to take a class, but have to say the whole process sort of scares me.


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