Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halloween is here again... almost!

How cute are those cupcakes on the cover of Woman's Day! I bought this on an impulse- mainly because the cover was so cute. Those are pretzels for the ribs and marshmallows for the heads. Very clever!

If you're a newer reader you might not know that I'm a little bit of a Halloween fan.

OK... that might be underselling my actual feelings for the holiday a little. Despite it being about 100 degrees (and feeling nothing like fall yet) the fact that it's September already and I've only just started thinking about my Halloween plans mean I'm a month or so behind schedule.

I am working on a few things to remedy the situation:

But you'll have to be patient because they aren't ready for me to post about yet.

Don't fear though- I'll save a lot of my Halloween obsession for my other blog, that way you won't be bombarded by nothing but Halloween from now until November.


  1. Those skellies are really delightful! I need that issue. Halloween is the best!

  2. Hi Amy, Thanks for leaving a comment! They are really adorable aren't they- it totally sucked me into buying the magazine. So far I've only skimmed the rest of the issue but it looks good.


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