Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My First Sewing Project: Sewing 101 Week

This is the first "real thing" I've ever made- a curtain for my kitchen door!

It's wonky to be sure, see how crooked this seam turned out!

But it's a functioning curtain, in a fabric I love. And it sure beats the blanket (yes you read that right, we were using a fleece blanket as a curtain) which was hung up right after the new door was installed that we never got around to replacing with a real curtain.

It took me about 4 times longer to make than it would probably take any normal beginner, who doesn't have all fabric conspiring against them. But all in all it wasn't too hard of a project. And even wonky as it is I'm really proud I actually made it.

If your interested in making a curtain here are a few tutorials that I looked at.

Although I have to admit, in the end I took the "winging it" approach, not because these tutorials were bad but because that's my nature. I'm more of a cooking style crafter- throw everything into a pan and figure it out as you go. Rather than a baking style crafter- measure and plan ahead of time.

Which in retrospect... is likely why sewing and I have a hard time getting along.

Have a great day and check back in tomorrow for another great beginners tutorial in my sewing 101 week. And if you missed yesterday's pillow tutorial by Tracey you can check it out here.


  1. I love the cooking/baking crafter analogy! I am TOTALLY the cook kind! Great job on the curtain - looks wonderful!

  2. There is a saying that goes along the lines of :

    "if it looks ok to a blind man on a galloping horse " ... its fine!

    As long as you enjoyed the process ... things will improve. I think you did a sterling job!

  3. Thanks Ladies.

    Tracey- LOL I love that saying, never heard it before.

  4. And Tracey- Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial yesterday. i can't wait to make myself some pillows.

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  6. Your curtain looks much, much nicer than a blanket - well done, Meg!


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