Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Raised Garden Bed Progress

On Saturday I finished building the raised bed.

Here it is with 3 sides (this is the point that I ran out of screws and my wonderful hubby went to pick up more). Lucy was supervising the entire construction project from the lawn (she's way in the back of the picture sitting in the grass).

Once I had the last screws needed to finish the 4th side hubby went to pick up a trailer full of organic compost/top soil mix and was kind enough to fill the raised bed for me when he got back!

Again Lucy supervised the entire project (she's good at that).

I intended on planting right away- but we had a tornado warning which is something kind of rare here. The clouds were threatening and thunder was in the distance so decided I better not temp Mother Nature. We've had a series of very strong storms lately all of which could easily have destroyed new plants.

Here it is filled with dirt all ready for plants. Is it weird that I'm really happy about having a wooden box filled with dirt? Seriously, it makes me really happy every time I look at it sitting there in the back yard. I've been wanting a raised garden bed for a while but it was just one of those projects that kept getting put off for other things. Another thing crossed off "the list" feels good too!


  1. love it! i absolutely want one! maybe next year... :)

  2. this raised bad working scenario seems like it take a long time and contain a hard work to complete making this but i appreciate your work you are a champ i like it, but this time i am here searching for someone to do my assignment as i am having my exams and don't have enough time to complete that.


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