Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Constructing A Raised Garden Bed

I've started making a raised vegetable garden bed.

In years past I've just planted in the garden that we tilled out of the yard but I've been wanting to switch to a raised bed for a few reasons.

1. Denser planting in the same amount of space. Because the soil compacts less in raised beds you can plant more veggies closer together. You get more from the same amount of space and as a bonus the plants you want crowd out the weeds you don't want.

2. Less weeds. I'm pretty much banking on there being less weeds. We have an incredible amount in our current garden space. I'm hoping that pulling and burying them with a foot of soil will stop that problem for the most part.

3. And did I mention less weeds... this whole plan is pretty much driven on that idea. And I can't emphasize enough how important this becomes when your staring down an 8 x 10 space filled with weeds that seem to have all grown in just days.

Cross your fingers for me that this project is not in vain.

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