Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sewing while Sick...

might not have been the best idea I've ever had.

As I mentioned a few days ago, my sinuses are killing me... it's not an infection just a really bad virus/cold thing. But I was desperate for some relief (owing to the fact that asthma prevents me from taking most OTC drugs made for sinus congestion)

Then I remembered reading a great (and simple looking) tutorial for making a warm sinus pack. I swear I read it on The Magic Onions but I can't find it now (sorry). It's small, quick, useful and simple. Perfect! It also sounded like heaven for my sinuses.

I dug out the few small fabric scraps I have, and found a really nice fleecy soft fabric that I liked. (And in the process convinced myself this was going to be a piece of cake!)

See this- this is what happens when sewing tries to intimidate you. And make you think it's in charge instead of you.

Somehow all that thread that should have charged the bobbin is wrapped around the thingy (yes I'm totally up on my technical sewing terms) that the bobbin rests on.

Only I was so proud of myself for actually having got the spool to start winding thread to the bobbin (unlike the 4 or 5 times I tried before this) that I didn't notice the wasn't thread actually on the bobbin until I stopped.

After unwinding about a mile and a half of thread (and almost throwing in the towel then and there) me and my fevered, stuffy brain gave it one last try. And this time it worked!

Bobbin charged. Machine threaded- and I was ready to go.

Clear off the edge of the fabric that is.

I managed to get all the way down on side (it was pretty messy though).

And even managed to get the next two sides pretty straight.

Although I think I had more thread carnage leftovers than I actually sewed with.

I stuffed one half first- then sewed down the middle so it would fold over my nose easily. I don't understand why I had bits of thread sticking up at the end though?

Once I stuffed the other side I had to hand close the seam.

And in case you were wondering my hand sewing isn't any better than my machine techniques.

Ahh sweet relief!.

I loved this little thing- feels great on my sinuses, plus I added a little lavender so it's nice and soothing! I'm really proud of myself for actually sewing it (although it's a really small and about as basic as you can get). It did take me a ridiculously long amount of time to complete (about an hour), I could have hand sewn this in less time- but all that matters to me is that I used my machine!

I will admit that being sick it probably wasn't the best time to try even a small sewing project- but I sometimes you just have to jump in. And besides if I made it when I was well I wouldn't have had any excuse for it taking so long (and believe me it probably would have).

Anyway if your curious about what I put in it- here is another tutorial from The Magic Onions for an aromatherapy pillow- it's the same idea only smaller. I put this little sinus think in the micro for only 15 seconds.

And Thanks for everyones suggestions from my last post about what to sew. I keep changing my mind but for right now I think I'll try curtains. I'll let you know how that goes!


  1. My dearest Meg..

    What a grand lil treasure you 'zipped' up there. I can not as of today still sew on my machine due to the static in the air. My machine stitches way to fast for this dry air here.. and thanks to Mother Nature it'll be until this weekend.. once again.

    But what a cute wee thing you've done.

    with love,

    ps, don't forget to grab the 'featured button' from the link I sent ya! ;0)

  2. ACK! I hope you're feeling better soon. Good on you for fighting your way through and creating something so useful and cute!

  3. I can see you're going to have all kinds of sewing adventures! When you wind a bobbin, pull the thread through the hole on top and hold it for a while while you begin winding. You can let it go when it's secure. Also, be sure the bobbin is pushed down all the way.

    Curtains will be fun! I just made some valances - so simple.

  4. Good start Meg ... if you can do this when you aren't well ... just think what you will achieve when you are!

    What did you stuff the sides with btw .. ?

  5. This really has been very useful! Don't hold me to being better at sewing when I'm feeling better though, ok? I'm not sure I can use being sick entirely as the reason why this was challenging (I think it has more to do with my complete lack of skills).

    Tracey- I stuffed in inside with Rice and Lavender. The Rice to hold the heat and the lavender because (for the 5 seconds that I can smell once I put this on) it's smells so good.

    Thanks for all the well wishes!

  6. Jane thanks for that bobbin tip, I'm going to try it next time.

  7. Feel better! I love that fleece you used!

  8. Olivia told her readers about your blog. It was fun reading.

    I too have sinus troubles. Allergy season.

  9. Hey Meg, good for you for using your machine even tho you weren't feeling well. I'm glad the cute little sinus thingee helped and hope you're feeling lots better by now. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.


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