Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hand Painted Umbrella

ARR you ready for Spring?

The one thing I love about all the rain in Spring is getting to use fun interesting umbrellas.
Last week I thought about trying to make my own with hand painting designs.

I wanted to do something simple for a test- so I'd know if it worked before I tried anything more complicated. On my way to the dollar store to get a cheap umbrella I saw some pirate themed merchandise in a store window and thought a skull and cross bones would make a fun design since black umbrellas are easy to find.

Normally I like a colorful cheery umbrella on gray rainy days (currently I carry a large pink flower umbrella) but was surprised by how much I liked this rakish pirate design. Besides some of you know how much I love Halloween- this could be the perfect solution for rainy October days.

As soon as this was done it stopped raining and has been sunny ever since (not that I'm complaining about this gorgeous weather) so I'm still waiting for rain to test it properly.
But I'm pretty confident it'll stand up to the rain because I stuck it in the shower and let the water run over it for a few minutes. Which was pretty much like an instant monsoon.


  1. I'm ready for spring, too! I never though about painting on an umbrella - fun!

  2. It's rainy here too - blah! At least it's not SNOWING, though! :)

  3. Jane- I never thought of it before either- a few weeks ago it just hit me that it might be a fun thing to try. This was an experiment more than anything... but I was really pleased that it actually worked!

    And here here on the snow Joanne. The Tulips are a coming up in the garden. They're a few inches tall now so Spring is definitely here in my book!

  4. Arrrrrrrrr ya scurvy seadog ... did ya not know that pirates do not fear the rain? We is quite 'appy to be ya olde damp squibs!

    Love the umbrella! Great idea.

  5. LOL Tracey- Love the pirate speak. It's not so much to protect from the rain as it is my portable ship sail. Umbrellas catch the wind like nothing else!


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