Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Wreath- Ta-da!

It's been a while since I first posted about the winter wreath... but I didn't forget about it!

I started out with the bird in the middle on the bottom (which is always where I always pictured it) but wasn't totally happy with how it was coming out. Even though I wanted good amount of grapevine wreath to show and as my husband said... the glitter bird looks like something Liberace would have owned (or like it flew in from Vegas) the wreath felt a little plain or sparse- static even!

I just couldn't get the picture in my head to translate to the actual wreath... until I made it asymmetrical.

With the bird perched on the side of the wreath and the berries sprayed around it I was much happier! It felt a little more organic. Now I didn't mind so much of the grapevine showing and it had the sparse but complete winter feeling that I was going after.

And I love that red glitter, it even sparkles at night in the porch lights.

The bird ended up needing one good coat of Mod Podge and glitter (Martha Stewart- Ruby), once that was dry I filled in any bare spots.

Then sprayed it with a sealer so it could survive outside.

I loved that the glitter was able to cover up the blue feathers of the bird so well!
(It took about 1/4 of the small bottle in the 24 pack).

I'm really happy with how the whole thing (but especially the cardinal) turned out.

If you remember from my last post I was thinking about putting some glitter on the white pearlized beads too. In the end I decided not to, when I tested a few and it definitely made the whole wreath way too heavy on the glitter.

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