Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

I went down to the studio to get the Valentine I made hubby. I left it hidden under some other papers just in case he went into the studio for something. That was a good move... because I noticed the tell tale signs of a hubby who'd been wrapping a Valentines gift. (Things had been moved around and pushed aside a bit. Also the scissors and tape were way too handy.)

I pulled the card out from under the papers and noticed it was slightly damaged. One of the hearts appeared to be ripped off. I just figured it was a casualty of being pushed in amongst the pile of scrap paper I hid it in.

It was then I realized that I couldn't find the envelope I'd made. I was sure I left it right with the card! 10 minutes of searching- no envelope.

I quickly fixed the card and decided to call the envelope a lost cause (At least I took pictures and could show it to hubby).

I hurried upstairs gift in hand and explained to hubby that the card once had an envelope but I'd lost it.

"Oh.... really" he said. "Umm I'll be right back let me get your gift". A minute later he came out with a gift and a card.... in the envelope I'd made!

Turns out he stole it! He was looking around the studio for materials to make his own card and he used it (stole it) because he thought it was a leftover.

But that wasn't the half of it... the card I made was apparently a casualty of the same "leftover" pilfering. The missing heart on his valentine was yanked off and used on mine!

(By this time I was hysterically laughing... I only wish I had a picture of hubby sheepishly telling me this story)

"Well at least you didn't flip it over an read it" I said... And I got a very sheepish look. "You did read it!" I yelled between laughs.

"Well, I was so nervous about making your card" he said "and I don't know how you do it by the way because in the end I was so exhausted I needed a nap and my head was pounding. I only put 2 and 2 together at the end.. the envelope the card... and flipped it over. Doh! And I put it back!"

Not back together mind you... just back broken and envelope-less.

But it was worth this. Because this is the best card I've ever been given. The front says "My feelings for you in color"

The inside a yellow tulip + and orange tulip (yellow, hubby said means friendship and orange passion) = a red tulip (love. So friendship and passion equal love). So sweet and thoughtful and well... perfect!

We had a great day and a good laugh about the card mix-up! Hope you had a great day too!


  1. That is the sweetest story! What a great and thoughtful guy you have! My eyes actually watered up when I read the card he made you! Thanks for sharing and a belated Happy Valentine's to you!

  2. Okay now THAT'S hilarious! Nice work, hubs! :)

  3. What a GREAT story! My fellas sang "You Are My Sunshine" first thing yesterday morning, which wiped away my momentary disappointment at not finding a card on my pillow. Sounds like we both had a great Valentine's Day.


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