Friday, December 4, 2009

I've got it bad for snowflakes

I've always loved snowflakes. Being born in December I sort of feel like they're my symbol. I was born the year of a blizzard; and even given a snowflake necklace at birth. I like the fact that each and every snowflake is different, I think it makes them very special- in a magical Christmas spirit kind of way.

It was over 60 degrees during the day here in New England (unheard of in any December that I can remember). Despite the balmy weather- all I've had on my mind since the holiday season officially started is snowflakes. To quote my husband (after I'd pointed out dozens of snowflake ornaments, window decals, necklaces, store props...really anything with a snowflake on it while shopping last weekend) "you've got it bad this year!".

And indeed I do.

I've bought three snowflake paper punches already this season, doubling the grand total of snowflake punches I own. But the good news is- I haven't wasted any time in using them and have an ornament idea to share that proves it!

I started with a paper maché ball and painted it my favorite shade of teal. I needed about 3 coats of paint to totally cover the brown paper underneath. To protect the hanging cord from the paint I covered it wit some aluminum foil. I set the ball on a little stand (made of three straight pins stuck into a scrap of foam board) to dry between each coat.

Once the last coat of paint was dry. I punched a variety of snowflakes out of some scraps of white card stock.

Put some white glue onto one side.

And stuck the snowflakes one by one all around the ball.

I found it helped to use the handle of my paintbrush as a burnishing tool and roll over the flakes with light pressure to be sure they were glued down on all the edges.

Once I had all the snowflakes on and the glue was dry I coated the ball with some glossy Mod Podge to seal the whole thing and hung the ornament to dry (to be sure the heads of the straight pins didn't leave any marks in the glossy finish).

Can't wait to hang this one on the Christmas tree. I like how graphic the white flakes look against the deep teal background.


  1. LOVE this! Sooo pretty! Speaking of snow - we got DUMPED ON last night! Woweee!

  2. I have those punches too! ...and I love snowflakes too! hehe...

    What a great tutorial! Where in the heck did you find those paper maché ball like that!!??

  3. Ooh how much snow did you get Joanne? It was seriously in the 60's here yesterday!

    Hi Lolly! I got the Paper Maché balls at Michael's, they are about 99 cents and are usually hung somewhere near the paper maché boxes they sell.


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