Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chocolate Orange Cream Pie

I stumbled onto making this pie three years ago- and it quickly became the best little trick I know for holiday get-togethers!

I had a crate of oranges in the house (that I was desperate to use in any way I could) and an extra box of pudding. I've always loved the taste of chocolate and orange together and thought it might work.

I use the instant pudding- you can use the kind that needs to cook if you'd like... but I hate to wait for pudding! This is as simple as grating the zest from one orange into one box of pudding.

Then put it into a pie crust- I like to use a chocolate cookie crust

then top with whip cream for serving, a little sprinkle of orange zest and some chocolate shavings on top and you have a really nice.... VERY easy dessert for a holiday pot-luck.

I've also used 3 clementines instead of an orange- works perfectly.
Try this one- it's really good. This pie goes over really well at parties, I get asked more for this ridiculously simple recipe than I do anything else... but keep it a secret or everyone will want to bring it since it takes about 3 minutes to make!

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