Friday, November 13, 2009

Playing with paper clay

The past few days I haven't been doing much crafting (although I have a lot of projects planned). It's been a week more about finishing things up and getting prepared for holiday crafting.

In the finished category:

  • My online creative marketing class is over.
  • Halloween is pretty much done (except for today's post).
In the getting prepared category:

  • I have been cleaning the disaster area formerly known as my studio (if a craft store blew up I think I'd have a good idea what that would look like).
  • I bought a bunch of materials for a bunch of holiday projects.

While at the store I also picked up this stuff called paper clay. I've been experimenting with it for a few days and it's really neat. From this picture you might be able to guess what I'm thinking it would be useful for.

Yup taking the foot impressions of my newborn nephew. Here I just tested it with a stamp instead of his actual foot. This stuff is just paper so it's totally non toxic, it's really soft which hopefully means that it will take a good impression of his foot, it dries really like weight, and can pretty much be treated just like paper afterwards so the crafting possibilities are pretty huge.

Right now I'm leaning towards holiday ornament/birth announcements.

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