Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Carousel Cake: Baby Shower Wrap-Up!

The whole thing started here... my plans for the shower and the idea to make a carousel cake. My first cake ever in honor of my sister's baby shower.

The shower was this past weekend. We had men, women and children friendly games. Coloring for the kids. Good conversation and well- a carousel for amusement. There ended up being close to 40 people, almost everyone who was invited responded with a yes (wow). Everyone seemed to love the carousel (I know I did) at one point the entire shower was on it from the smallest babies to the most senior of our guests who were in their 80's. Which was a fantastic moment. We had good food and lots of fun with family and friends.

All I can say about the cake is- I did it.

I wasn't sure if I could but I actually made a decorated cake and got it to the site of the shower in one piece (with lots of help from my husband- who packed a beautiful car that got the cake there and made many a trip for supplies during "construction").

It was a long way to get there from a test cake a few weekends before which was my first ever cake from scratch

to making chocolate lollipops (also a first).

Constructing the top out of foam board then covering it with fondant and icing.

Then putting the real thing together into the wee hours of the morning before the shower.

At the shower I was asked to make this cake again for a little girls birthday party that will be at the carousel. I might try to make other cakes but I just don't think I can do this one again. We'll see I promised to at least think about it. I was so flattered to be asked, it was a real compliment since I'm a total novice and was winging it on this cake from start to finish. (I had visions of it ended up on cake wreck)


  1. Love the idea of your cake and the step by step directions. I will follow the same and would also like to add a link to your post. Is that OK?


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