Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall into Spring- Planting Bulbs.

Today was perfect out- not to0 hot or cold, bright and sunny. We're also starting to see the smallest bit of fall color creep in on the trees.

I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and planted some bulbs for spring. To me it always seems funny to think about spring planting in the fall, but I guess even though the two season are opposite they are tied to each other by gardening- the plant/harvest cycle.

I planted two kinds of tulips Apple Blossom Mix (appropriate since it's apple season), Darwin hybrid Van Eijk, and Daffodils in mixed colors.

I hope they come up! Tulips are my favorite- I hate putting them into the ground knowing I'll have to wait so long to see them, but wow is it ever great when Spring hits and they shoot up from the ground. What a site for sore eyes!

It's getting close to my sister's baby shower now (only a few weeks- eeek!) so I'll have more baby shower things and of course fall projects, plus recipes coming up. Also be sure to check out my other blog- Mega•Spooky to see what else I was up to today!

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